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I think this has the potential to be a brilliant satirical piece and is a great metaphor for life in general. How often I sit on the sidelines, letting my fears overtake me. At least Kris was brave enough to watch and go to the games, but how much more did he miss by not participating with his friends and family? I bet every reader can relate to that on some level.

The opening paragraph provided quite a bit of backstory, but it wasn't necessarily needed right at the beginning. Instead, you might want to consider sprinkling it throughout the piece and start where you first introduced your MC. For example, I might start it like this: Surrounded by screaming fans, the sixteen-year-old sophomore, Kris, stood at the edge of the field, his knuckles gripping the fence separating the fans from the field. Glancing over his shoulder, he shivered as he looked at the bleachers. In his head, he could picture the bleachers collapsing under the weight of fans dressed in school colors. Shaking his head, he suppressed the bile rising up his throat and turned his head back to the game.

I tried to add active body language and mentioned some of the details in the beginning to make more of a hook. These days, with the next story a click away, it's important to grab the reader's attention right away.

I think you did a nice job of developing the characters. The dialog pulled the story along. The pacing was just right too. Personally, I like the ending. Often writers are tempted to tie everything up neatly, and many would have him go sit in the stands. This ending is more realistic and shows the MC needs some healing to do. I think the message is subtle, but strong. I enjoyed this read.