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Even though poetry is not my strongest or most favorite genre, I really liked this. I'm tone deaf, so not an expert on rhythm but most lines seemed to flow to my ears. There were a couple were it may have been off tempo a bit, but I'm not positive. I think the idea behind the poem is pure artistic genius. It's so clever to link writing with the seasons. It really resonated in my heart and I found myself tearing up at times.

I did notice a few tiny things like cleverer sounds odd to me. I'd say more clever, but I looked it up to be sure and both are deemed acceptable. It should be than not then though.
Also tear-stained face needs a hyphen because you are connecting the two words to make one adjective.

I think the ending is powerful, and I can easily hear God speaking those words to me. You've really touched my heart. I think you wrote on topic in a fresh and interesting way. Your message is subtle, yet once it sinks in, it's powerful. We so want to be in control, but God does such a wonderful job. We need to give him our pens. Great writing.
Congratulations Wendy on your EC which is well deserved for this lovely poem. I found it moving and well crafted.
Congratulations! Happy Dance!
Congratulations, Wendy, for 2nd place winner. I like and write poetry. Yours is clever and different. As another has pointed out--a few small errors. But as any writer knows, it is easy to have "eye pass-overs" in your own writing. We concentrate on the message first. Details often take a minor roll...Anyway, I like your poem...Blessings, Helen
This is one of my favorite pieces of poetry I've had the honor of reading on the site. There were a few minor flaws which is why you may not have ranked even higher in the EC.
Congratulations are still in order! Well done, perhaps just proof one more time...

Congratulations, Wendy, on winning an EC award on this well crafted piece of poetry. I was so engrossed in the power of your words that I didn't even notice the tiny errors mentioned before me.