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I enjoyed your story. Was it a true story? If so, I love how God helped you to find true love in the end. My red ink: perhaps a few more bridges in your writing would help the reader follow your train of thought. Well written.
Such a relatable story. Courage and trust can be scary; you conveyed these very well. Nice job!
I liked your honest, from your heart life story. I expecially liked your sentence where you said, "I have decided to love you." This may not resonate as being able to be true but I know it can be true. After I said this (outloud, I think) to a cat that was given to us, it made all the difference in the world. This cat refused to be a lap cat and even dispised being held. Now, she will climb on my lap and tollerate being held. Yes, love is a decision that many young peopel do not make.
(Sorry for the extra bit. I just enjoyed the read.)