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I've seen this type of poem but have never been able to carry it out myself: each line increasing by one syllable and then decreasing by one syllable to the end. The line "We shall all be caught up in the air." had one too many syllables to fit the pattern; perhaps take out the word 'all'? The next line "We shall be changed, mortality clothe" should end with 'clothed'.The next three lines have ten syllables apiece: "With immortality, the trumpet call; The Lord Himself will descend with a shout That sown in dishonour, raised glorious", but then the next line has eight. Suggestion: "That sown dishonoured, raised glorious." Then the line has nine syllables. The rest of the poem follows the established pattern.
All that noted, I was so sorry to see that this poem was under the word count. I believe it could have placed.
What a beautiful way to remember that for which we are all watching and longing. Blessings to you!
I'm SO sorry this didn't get the running! It is the first time I've seen the TRUTH about death and the resurrection printed for the public to a long, long time! It is written, just as you write in your beautiful way, that we do return to dust and sleep until the resurrection. In fact, one suggestion: Put a footnote with the Bible passage so that Readers can read it for themselves. A Very Nice way of writing...I loved it, and sorry about the disqualification!
wow ... visually appealing in addition to the wonderful message. I really liked this! Guess it would have been a little tough to add a few more words without messing up the rest!
A truly remarkable entry. Very powerful; I was spellbound!!