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There is a lot of truth in this article. Maybe that is why I am squirming a little.
I'm not sure if the use of second person POV is what did it. I wonder if others who have read this are squirming also?
I don't completely agree with one statement you made: "The only means, therefore, to escape from both pride and pain is to do your best with no trace of ego and leave the rest to the Will of God."
To do your best and smother ego is depending on self to do it; to totally submit to God and learn to listen to the nudging of the Spirit, is humbling and truly equips us to carry through the Will of God.
A strong exhortation. Hit the mark a lot of times. Very powerful.
Liked this line:
"The more you are attached to the result, the more intense is your pain when you are disappointed."

I might have welcomed this more eagerly if it had been written in third person.

I agree that the trick in this sort of strong exhortation is to point the reader back to the power of God rather than SELF-control.