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A word from the Authorz: Mary Alice Bowles

I am so sorry, I really didn't think 11 words would matter and I could have shortend! How many words over the limit do you allow?

Sorry about the word limitation. Still this was really a life story for many of us mothers. The thoughts that you cannot reach your children when they are out of your sight for a time, and things are seemingly out of your own control..really takes us back to our faith and trust in the Lord as should be. God bless you sisMary. Lovely story, and I was interested in hearing more. littlelight
I so liked your story...made me remember the fears I had as a new mom!
I assume from the "Comments" that you are disqualified due to Word Count Minimum = However, I loved your story! So real, so frightening and yet so beautifully taken care of by prayer. Very well done!
Nothing is more terrifying than being unable to attend to your babies!!! I would have enjoyed hearing the details of the screwdriver....disassembling the lock or whatever...instead of using the word count to tell aobut the neighborhood at the beginning. A good story for this topic!