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How beautiful! I love a good elaboration of a Biblical story, and this one left me wondrously reliving the magnitude of what those days must have been. Nice work.
This was wonderful! I love Biblical fiction (writing it and reading it). Well done!
This was so well written. You took me there and gave me a view I never had before. I like how you wrote about Miriam.
I can just see the little girl--and all of the people--dancing for joy. Good job!
I love it! I can see the wall of water clearly in my head as well as feel the little girl's hesitation. I love biblical fiction and this was well written and amazing!
Honestly, I don't usually care for Biblical fiction. But I really thought you wrote this well and made it enjoyable to read. I especially liked the little touch of having her pick up the stone to remember the event. Seemed very culturally appropriate with out trying too hard. Great job! This is one of my favorites tonight!
An old story through new eyes...this was beautiful!
This is one of my favourites this week! I love the girl's view of Moses, Aaron & Miriam. Great job! Really, really GREAT!
Wow! Wonderfully told! I feel like you just gave me the gift of a trip to that epic event. I'm rolling that stone in my hand right now!
Nice retelling of one of my favorite Bible stories. Just when I thought I'd heard every angle, you came up with this fresh approach. Thanks!
A sensitive and tender approach to this well-told story. Well done!!