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This is so powerful and right on topic. I applaud the MC with the victory she had in forgiving the cruelty she received for so long. Stories like this are so inspiring to me. Great Job.
Wonderful and challenging story! If Regina could forgive someone of such brutality, we should be able to forgive others of little inconsistencies. It really made me think...and that is a good sign of excellent writing. Great job!
Great job. I loved it.
A very brave and heartfelt piece of writing! And a beautiful application of theme.

My two cents: On showing vs. telling: You could have left out "wicked" because you already show throughout the piece how wicked this man was. And at times when something, say, "feels icky," instead of telling that, consider showing it with, say, a churning stomach, or a shudder, or something else.

A sad yet powerful story, of trust betrayed and God's grace and forgiveness. Unfortunately this type of story is prolific in our world. I could feel the pain of you as a child. Praise God he has pulled you through to victory.