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"...and fully appreciate my forgiveness..." I loved that! Good job!
Boo hoo! I felt so sad for whatever it was and then when I read it was a dog... you expressed his feelings so well..especially when he pressed his head out of the screen. I must have my daughter read this one!Great job!
From a dog lover, it's a good thing this had a good ending! I was going to come after you if it didn't - and it was true! Wow! What a story! A whole week - poor thing! I'm sure he got pampered after that. Great storytelling! (as always! ;) )
Incredible! Great story!!
That poor doggie! Seems to be a pretty smart (and determined) doggie too. Well written - nice surprise ending. Perfect entry for "escape." :-)
Blessings, Lynda
Liked this-first I thought it was an old man trying to "escape and find Katie" but then to find out it was a dog gave it a great twist!
Well done. I really enjoyed this. What a great job at getting into the dog's mind. And I'm so glad the dog is okay now.
It's difficult to write a true story, but you did a smack-up job.
A canine 'Home Alone!' Poor old dog, but what great little story, and I was rooting for the dog all the way. God bless.
'... fully appreciate my forgiveness.' Ahhh, the unconditional, undeserved love of one's dog! Well written, engaging story. Sucked me right in.
Beth, Well told. At first I thought it was a personified toy, then I thought it was a cat. No way it could be a dog, especially not an old one. Amazing! Thanks for sharing it.