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Very expressive poetry. Vivid descriptions of God creating earth.
You have some though-provoking images; "black fire from white fire" and "shadowy abyss", among them.
I had not noticed before, that fish were the first to breathe!
One structural suggestion I would offer is that the first two verses promised rhyme and the reader began to anticipate it, but it didn't continue, which was a bit confusing.
But an enjoyable read, and I'll go back to savour some of those thoughts!
Great message.
Great poem! I really like the line in Stanza 3, separates "His presence from his absence." That's something to think about. Maybe I'm just dull, but I didn't get the connection to the title. Did I miss something?
Very enjoyable read. I too enjoyed the expressive writing style.
This is really lovely. Congratulations on ranking 10th in your level. Happy Dance.
Many vivid word choices in this lovely tribute to the start of the universe.

Thank you for your condolences and prayers.