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I like the days of hand-written notes and face-to-face dialogue.
Your piece is very apt and incorporates the Bible verses really well. I think that the paragraph about affirmation might not be necessary since you didn't go into more detail about it and since your main argument centers around being sef-controlled. Overall, good take on this topic!l
So much of what I read about our slavery to cell phones complains about the bad manners of someone else. It's refreshing that you recognized how your own slavery diminished your own life and decided to take control.
Brought this old gal up short! I am forever checking my articles looking for positive and/or negative critiques. I struggle with cell phones and all things that beep and whistle (being 72) but am hooked on this site and on my Facebook page. I started FB as a ministry, and sometimes use it for entertainment, forgetting my purpose. Thank you for making me focus on what, Who and the why of importance . . .