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Very interesting connection between the MC and the mail.
I think you did a great job keeping us curious about what the letters contained from beginning to end. The ending, however, still left me wondering who wrote the letters and why. This would be a great start to a short story.

Blessings, LaVonne
Very descriptive material which could easily expand, though was also confused about who was who. The quote was also first described as having five letters, then six, when I'd counted eight from the beginning.
Good job with this story. It was a lot to pack into such a short space!

You can stick with "said" rather than creative dialogue tags like "she speculated" (although in this instance, a dialogue tag wasn't needed). It will help give your writing a professional feel. Also, having someone read over your entry before submitting will help with catching typos.

You were able to create an emotional impact with your twist at the end. Keep writing!
This has wonderful potential for fleshing out into a thrilling short story! Remember to proofread prior to submitting. This is hard, and I am not one to talk as I leave errors in my own articles. Rather than blush, if someone comments I am happy that they are reading my blatherings!

Well done . . .
Congratulations, Rachel, on your highly commendable winning entry.
Congratulations on ranking 4th in your level and 24 overall. Happy Dance!