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I liked this inventive poem. It fit well with the topic. Never quit.
A unique and creative entry. You have a way with words that convey succinct concepts easily. I really enjoyed reading your entry; it kept me thinking throughout. Your character names made it a more fun read than if you had simply used the full names we learned in school. Nice job.
Personal favorite for its craftsmanship and its message!!!!! My heart gave a big "hurrah!" at the closing line:)

Bravo! Encore!
What a creative remembrance of those who indefatigably persevered to make our lives easier! I enjoyed the play on words throughout your poem.
Thank you for reminding me about all the inventors who have made our lives easier.
This is a unique take on this weeks topic. I enjoyed reading your creative poem.
I thought created an inventive take on topic-sorry I couldn't resist...

Bur really you did and I especially enjoyed your line about inedible apples and chips.
A very creative take on the topic. You covered a lot of ground here and a lot of indefatigable people. Well done!
What charming, engaging verse! Thank you for a most enjoyable read . . .
Congratulations on ranking 7th in your level. This was darling. Happy Dance!