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I loved this story. It was a humorous take on a girl friend trying to impress her man with a fabulous dinner that goes awry.
A nice touch at the end.
I actually know a lot of women who can't cook, but I'm glad she met someone who could.
Nice story and the title seemed really appropriate, as at the end of this disaster, Bec was given a lovely surprise! Good job.
When I was growing up, my mom rarely cooked. Dad did it. He didn't cook gourmet but he could sure put on a delicious down home meal.

I enjoyed your story. Thank you for the touch of humor.
Well written insight into your MC's thoughts. I felt her relief at the end of this story!
There's so much fun throughout this story, and despite the title, I wasn't anticipating your twist at the end. Great job.
Yummy! Delightful story and terrific ending - what more could one wish for?
How heartwarming. I love the ending...didn't see that coming.

Your MC had the best of intents, and things didn't work out as she planned. Isn't that just how life is at times?

I can relate with your MC because, like her, I had high hopes. Assume positive intent is what I garnered from my flopped mistakes; yes plural.

An enjoyable story that felt very realistic. Nice job.
What a warm ending! I could sooooo empathize with Bec, shrinking down in my computer chair right with her, and then I was grinning at the finish:) well, done!
I'm reminded of all my cooking mistakes--and how love covered them. This was a good Valentine's story with a great ending.
Even though your story focused on making a meal, it was the theme of relationship that left a pleasant taste in my mouth. What a nice Valentine story.
Excellent job!