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I am a chocolate lover. Fortunately, chocolate, especially dark, does have some good properties.
Mmmm I am not really tempted by chocolate, but this article almost convinced me to indulge! Well written and also informative. Thanks.
Well written. I like the factual information along with your own affection for chocolate. You did a nice job on this one.
God Bless
Yum from a fellow chocolate lover! Well written piece. I've been trying to eat more cacao powder treats without sugar, but white chocolate is my all time favourite 😉
Thanks for an informative and enjoyable read, but I have to correct your fourth para!
It's true that we need to be cautious, but the danger disappears once the foil wrapper is torn, for that lets all those horrible things escape.....
A well written and enticing bit of non fiction on chocolate! A couple of humorous or unusual facts about chocolate or a Biblical interpretation would add just a little extra to this already engaging article. Thanks for sharing.
A decadent tale on my favorite topic-all things chocolate.

The warnings up front gave the article humor from the beginning. This is a delicious tale that included history. I love learning new things, and found your article fun, enlightening, and it kept my interest from beginning to end.

Nice job on the topic.
This shot an arrow into my chocolate loving heart!
I indulge - and I bulge. Great read - fun and informative. Thank you, sweet thang!
Great job with this!

You leave no doubts in the mind of this reader that you are a chocolaholic! I join you in occasional indulgence while discussing its benefits.
I love chocolate! In all it's forms;) i'm on the road right now, and it's safe to say I'll be making a pitstop soon to grab a candy bar or two!