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A thoughtful retelling of a familiar story.
This was a creative way of hitting the topic. I thought your imagery was well done. God Bless
Loved this imaginative re-telling of this loved story.

One slight correction, I believe it should be "one of the women WAS married.

Am I right, you editors out there?

Great story telling.
I thought this was a very good interpretation of a well-known story, which is told so often in preschools etc but done in a way that removes it from its context.

I agree - 'was' is grammatically correct. Also, one further spot of red ink - German Shepherds doesn't need an apostrophe. Apostrophes aren't used for plurals.

That said, I loved the creativity in your piece and I hope it does well. Awesome job!
Oh, you definitely have the knack as a story teller. I loved this original take on an old bible story. It might be slightly vague as to the topic, but maybe that's just me. I hope it does well, but even if it does not, you have a fan here. Blessings, and keep the stories coming!
A very intriguing tale. I like how you took chaacters from Noah's time and gave them personalities. I also like how the animals came to enter the Ark. Nice job.
Too Late - the saddest words on earth. This is well written. I enjoy familiar stories from a different POV. Only one error jumped out at me - "Shepherds."
I loved this. I also wonder how on topic it is.
When I saw 'Noah' a thought ran in my mind, "Oh! the familiar story". However, thank God I made it through to understand your skills. Well done.
Congratulations, Marie, on your 1st place in the advanced category.
Congratulations on ranking 1st in your level and 16 overall! Happy Dance!
Marie, Congratulations on 1st place in the advanced category.This fresh approach to a timeless treasure of Noah gave new insight to the feelings of the people. The dialogue flowed smoothly.