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Sincere and hopeful. Well done.
I like your passion in writing this (from one thorn bush to another!)
Paragraphs 5 and 6 are the goals each of us should have for our walk. Thanks for stating them so lucidly.
Paragraphs 7 and 8 reminds me of the pot asking the Maker why He made the pot in such a manner. Our desire does not make us a 'tree' automatically; the last four paragraphs state that so well.
The words of the Lord that He gave you in the last of your piece are so precious and sweet! The last line was especially tender. Thank you so much.
This is a tribute to God's promises! Very uplifting, very true to life. Thanks for this straightforward message of hope. :-)
I like your 4th paragraph; I have often felt that way myself. And the voice of God is very tender and loving here. Thank you very much.
Oohh, I can relate to this so much (too much I think. LOL). You've done a wonderful job of presenting this message of hope and growth - kinda like "God ain't finished with me yet". You've said nothing you didn't need to say, and left nothing unsaid. Going back to read it again - it was powerful. Well done.
Well, even if you don't think you should be in advanced, you for sure do NOT belong in beginners :)This makes me think of thorny people, whose thorns grow dull overtime and finally become both beautiful and fragrant.
But it's so true! The Rose tree (and bushes) bear the 'rose hips' that are prized as an excellent (and preferred) source of Vitamin C (fruit!) And can definately survive without It's thorns when tended by It's gardener. Very creative take on 'tree.' And a wonderful message.
Wouldn't we rather God made us into something other than he intended? Overnight - if not sooner. :-)Really connected to what you were saying here, though putting Rose Tree as the title kind of gave the game away for me. Yeggy
I want to thank this Author, (who doesn't know me) for writing the perfect prayer for me! This Author has depicted me to a "T"! - and it grieves me to say this, but "hit the nail on the head"! Oh, if only I could be a tree! And rid myself of my thorns! I loved it! Kudos! and a Standing Ovation from one who needs alot more pruning from God before I can stand like a tree by the river. Thank you!
Excellent, James. I think you put my life on the table for EVERYONE to see. Thanks for sending me this way.
I loved both formats you gave for the brick, web and here, because both can continue to impact those feeling the same exact way you describe. I loved this.
What wonderful thoughts you expressed in such a beautiful way! It's so good to know that the One who made us knew our purpose.