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WOW! This was an amazing heart is racing at the intensity of the message and the overwhelming beautiful message!

Excellent job...oh this is a gem I pray the judges will sit up and take notice!!!

God bless~
What an interesting way to approach this topic. First, the inspirational, then the beleaguered suicidal woman. She found hope going about her job all because someone took the time to leave a heart-felt note. Job well done.
Excellent. Well written with a punchy conclusion. That's the way to do it!
Although you have noted this is fiction,the testimonies from the wonderful Gideons ministry tell of many wonderful miracles of God. This is wonderful and compelling writing, a story beautifully told. Excellent.
This is a powerful story of how God can use even a simple message. You had me hooked!
Very skilful writing: setting the bait with an easy intro and building the hopes of the first couple; then plunging us into the despair of the suicidal guest - before you lift us back towards fresh hope for her. This should be a winner.
Compelling and powerful - this was outstanding from the first word to the last. I really hope to see this in the winner's circle. Awesome job!
The intensity of this piece was suspenseful and riveting. This will be a reminder to leave an uplifting verse in a Gideon Bible that may change a life. Well written.
This is very powerful and moving. You've told this well and, having heard some Gideons' testimonies, this rings true. Well done!
Wow! This is positively stunning. I could totally relate to the MC. Sadly, I've been in that situation and wouldn't be here today if not for God's love notes. I believe things like this often happen. I wrote a kind of similar story a few years ago for the challenge called "The Way." I really believe things like this do happen.

My red ink is tiny. There was one line that didn't sound natural to me: it’s your entire fault.’
It could be the difference in cultures, but I have seen my spellchecker want to change all to entire. Personally, I think it would be more natural to say "It's all my fault." Or even: "Everything's always my fault. I screwed up again."

Like I said, it was tiny and I probably wouldn't have noticed except I have had Word want to make that change. It's okay, especially in dialog and thoughts to be informal in order to make it sound realistic.
I think your idea about leaving notes is nothing short of genius. It's something I bet many people will try. I love the way God uses his people to do or say something that makes a huge difference. We may never know how something like that will impact others, but God never forgets. This is one of my favorites this week.