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Loved it!
This is a delightful modern take on the familiar Bible story. I really enjoyed it and found myself snickering throughout.

There were a few lines that made me stumble a bit and needed to reread it. For example this line:
Is this your fault? was the essence of their expressions as well as comments.
could be fixed like this: Is this your fault? " People shouted at him as they waved their fists in the air. Looking around, Jonah quickly realized the crows was turning into an angry mob.

I'll admit, for the most part, you did an excellent job with your brilliant descriptions. You truly painted a picture and your MC was well developed. Using thoughts really added depth to his character and the dialog moved the story forward. I enjoyed your fresh take on the topic. This is one of my favorites this far. Great job.
Loved the title and loved your story!! Great job.

God bless~
Great modern story about Jonah. I loved the humor.
I enjoyed this modern take on the story of Jonah. The humor sprinkled throughout the piece made the story flow at a good pace.

God bless~
Congrats on your placement this week. Very interesting and creative.