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A powerful story. Some people risk all to tell others about Jesus. I served in the South Pacific, a much kinder place. I loved the story.
These type of stories, especially due to the "current rise of martydom going on throughout the world" makes me so upset and uneasy.

Well written with a powerfully intact message.

God bless~

Well written, though hard to realize these events actually happen. Keep writing. We need to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters.
An emotive story and it was good that it didn't have an easy ending.
I struggled a little to picture the scene. In a rural African village, there wouldn't necessarily be streets per se. Rather collections of huts beside fields and connected by simple paths. And for the missionary to have been granted a hut of her own, the head man would have had to give permission for her ministry.
Nevertheless this does not detract from the central message of your story and as others have said martyrdom remains ever present even in these days.
Powerful and thought provoking. Congratulations on your EC win.
Congratulations Hannah on your 2nd place in Advanced. I really thought your story was a good reminder of the persecution missionaries go through in the field.
Fabulous use of topic young lady. Well written and potent.
Thank you for the reminder to lift up the hundreds of thousands being persecuted each day in my prayers.
This easily could have been mawkish, but you kept it alive and involving. And the ending was confronting but good in that it wasn't all wrapped up in a bow, as in, 'everyone in the village got saved and lived happily ever after'. Excellent.
This was a powerful story abou love and faith. It happens more often in the world than we think. If we turn a blind eye, things will never chance.
Well crafted story but it upset me so much that I'm still searching to see if it is fiction or non-fiction?

I was waiting for the heroine ending, the new Christians standing up for their faith instead of just watching.

Instead, I think you presented a reality. Hard to read. But greatly appreciated.