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Interesting use of the topic.Thanks for sharing.
Awww. This was touching and well written. Great job.
God bless~
This was lovely. Clever imagery and a satisfying conclusion. I did feel that Gabriel's language was very religious and I wasn't clear whether Brandt had a church background. Otherwise Gabriel's talk of grace would probably have gone over her head. But it was good with a clear message.
Your message comes over loud and clear and I found this to be an interesting and unique use of this week's topic. Well done.
I think God gives us all opportunities to see ourselves as clearly as Gwen's experience. Some will see and be changed; while others will ignore and move on and become even more gnarled and disfigured in their hearts. My hope is that with each passing day, I will be one who, as James describes, looks intently into the mirror and takes note of the condition of my heart, allowing God to change me.

Well done.
I love this. Most imaginative, sparkling creativity and a not so fond look at human vanity and foibles. I enjoyed this immensely - most especially the ending . . .
Congratulations on your EC win. Well deserved.
Congratulations on your 6th place EC award!
I really liked your story Zach.

Your line about how the unredeemed look hideous was a great word picture.
I really enjoyed this story. So glad it was a happy ending too, lol. M.C. Syben