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Yes...timing is everything! A perfect title for a story that held my attention and brought home a great message.

So glad you and your family stayed safe.

God bless~
We never know how many times God keeps us safe while driving our cars. My husband and I always pray before any road trip, long or short.

Praise God for keeping you safe. Blessings, LaVonne
Oh dear. I was becoming so caught up with your bodily function dilemma, having been there myself. I began to read faster and faster and was so relieved when you were relieved.

This incident would have been far more horrific had you been involved in it. God works in mysterious ways indeed!
what perspective this brings! Some of the most frustrating things in life can be Gods blessings in disguise:)
Wow! Six hours stranded on the interstate. I loved how you could see God's hand at work in protecting you despite all the circumstances. Nice work!
Having bladder issues myself, I have great empathy for you. This is so well written, I have no hope of placing this week. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Thanks for sharing.
A great reminder to trust that delays and disappointment have a purpose. But I always like to hurry up and find out what it is! This was an effortless read that kept my attention. Good job!
Ah yes, I recall the emergency bottles and the desperation-filled paper sacks.

Excuse me, I am old and it doesn't take much to make me have to

You know.
Congrats! I thought this one would place better. I really like it.