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This is my favorite of your stories. Very entertaining.
This is a delightful tale that shows how God watches over us, the Holy Spirit intercede on our behalf, and how much Jesus understands us even before we are aware of the help. He is so good.

I think you'll be surprised about my red ink, but go back and count how many - ly words you used. I'm not one of those people who say never use an adverb, but definitely try to limit them. If you can use what Jan calls "salsa" verbs instead, you'll paint a much better picture for your reader. For example this line: We left when the youngest gal furiously came after me with a serrated bread knife
Could be turned into this:
We left when the youngest gal charged me while brandishing a serrated bread knife. (You could swap charged with chased, chivied, pursued too)

I enjoyed your interactions with the dog. I had to smile because one winter my daughter yelled, Mom, there's a polar bear in the yard. It really did look like a bear too even though we both knew it wasn't possible. It was the first time I'd ever seen that kind of dog in person. I could easily picture my reaction if I saw one and it appeared to be driving. :) I think your message is a great one. Of course we need to be careful, but I wonder how often I let my fear interfere with God's angels. He really does have a wonderful way of taking care of us. Your story reinforces this. Thanks for sharing.
I love the image of Peugeot and Zacky and the MC all stuffed into a small Datsun station wagon. It is easy to see why the MC could have so distracted.

I'm glad God is in control of all and any circumstances in our lives.
This is one of those stories where I just had to keep reading to find out what happened. Great to hear how God used those people to keep you safe. A really enjoyable and uplifting read.
You've packed so much detail, energy and emotion into this dramatic episode and kept us with you all the way. Well done.
Congratulations on your placing. Well done.
Congratulations on ranking 2nd in your level and 13 overall! You knocked it out of the park, killing my story, so who's to say I know what I'm talking about with the ly words.(BTW, I counted 22;)) Happy Dance!