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I enjoyed this devotion. It had many of the things needed that devotional magazines are looking for. The Bible verse fit your message (although it has been the most quoted verse this week, so it might help your chances of being published in a devotion book if you picked a verse that still fits your message, but isn't the first one many people think of). I especially liked how you started out with a real life story that pretty much everyone can relate to on some level.

Though your word count was great for the challenge. Many devotion guidelines have a much tighter word count. One way to fix that is to rearrange some sentences. For example, your opening line could be this: My wife and I waited at the airport for the arranged transportation, which never arrived.
Just by making this change, I cut five words and turned it from a passive line to an active one.

Your message is a great one, especially in today's world. My favorite part was the prayer at the end. So many people don't really know how to pray, so I think it's a plus when the author includes a heartfelt prayer. If you haven't looked into FW daily devotions, I'd urge you to check out the guidelines and submit some devotions. You have a gift for it for sure.
I need to apologize. The verse you used at the beginning was not the one I was thinking of (entertaining angels unaware). I must've had a brain freeze. I like this devotion even more now because you didn't use that one verse. Well done, and again, I'm so sorry.
Very nicely done - and a great reminder. I also really like the prayer. Thanks for sharing!