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Great job, wonderful message, and powerful writing.

God bless~
Hmmmm. I'll have to come back to this one and read it a couple more times. You certainly have given me something to think about, for sure. Thanks for sharing.
I love this picture of Jesus laughing as you (the little ant) try to defend him. You make very good points, and it depends on what people mean by 'standing up for Jesus'.
Congratulations Barbara! This was a great article. Thought provoking. It definitely hit me where I live. I loved the image of us, the tiny ants, with our fists up standing up for Jesus in His magnitude. Great job!
What a terrific article! You explained such important points in an interesting way. Funny, I came to a similar conclusion at the end of my story. This is so well written. Congratulations !
Wow. Good point. Congratulations!