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This was so moving I can barely find the appropriate words for such a beautiful story.

Your love and the inner conflict at the decision to cremate yr grandmother was palpable, and I felt your heart and torment along with your grief. ALthough we know our loved ones are in heaven in beautiful spiritual bodies, during grief we sometimes can't get beyond the "here and now."

I loved this hauntingly beautiful story that was almost poetic in beauty...excellent job. I'm sure your grandmother understood and was very proud of your decision.

Thank you for sharing this with us, I won't soon forget this entry.

God Bless~
I so understand this. You did a nice job of building your MC. I could feel the agony and grief. I'm not sure if you nailed the genre. I see where you were going, but it may have been more about the grandmother. I felt like I didn't learn a lot about her life other than she feared fire and loved Christmas. With that said, sometimes we need to write what God places on our heart. It's been 21 years since Mom died and I miss her so much. You took me back to the Christmases without her and the love for the grandmother shines through. If you haven't checked out Jan's Writing Basics on the message boards, I'd urge you to participate. She has a wealth of knowledge for all levels of writers. Nice job.
At first this looked like a slab of print, but it developed its descriptive momentum in such a way that it stopped looking crowded.
Good profiling of your emotions in such a deep experience of loss.