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Good job! We should all learn this lesson. Hope this wins something!
Also, God used the Jewish people to his purposes. If Jesus wasn't crucified, where would the world be? He had to die, and that was carried out how he planned it to be carried out.
Interesting backdrop for a story about prejudiced Christians. I want to believe anti-Semitism is never a real temptation for real Christians who love the Lord in sincerity and truth, but I don't suppose that has necessarily been the truth sad to say.
Very well written. Deeply penetrating piece.

God Bless~
Brilliantly done and an extremely relevant message. I hope this does well.
That was a striking story, and very well written.

I had one comment - in the second paragraph, I couldn't quite figure out where Megan was, and why. Was she supposed to be staying over with friends, and that is why she couldn't go home early?

At any rate, that was a super good piece, I thought. I liked Megan's thoughts in italics interspersed throughout. (But then, I tend to be an italicaholic. :P ) And the ending was wonderfully done.

God bless~
Absolutely wonderful, thank you and congratulations. Well deserved.