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Very nice story. You did a great job at holding my attention.
Beautiful, captivating story which catches at languages beyond words.
Oh how I wanted this to keep going! GREAT story!!!
Great story and so touching. The Lord moves us in special ways.
Ok! What's his name! Great story by the way!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been reading entries all night and AT LAST...a great story, nicely written, no typos, no misspelled words, perfect grammar and have given me enjoyment, peace, hope, pride and a sense of well being. A Great Story! Well Done!
Wonderful story! Kept my interest the whole way.
A creative tale that fits the topic nicely. Well done but I'm disappointed that you didn't tell us his name! LOL.
Wow! Really a great story! I've love to read more of your writing, if I haven't already. :-)
Delicious! I will never look at tulips in the same way again.
God bless the Georges of this world... and their 'mommas' may they all have such happy endings!
Wow! Well written, captivating story that left me wanting more.
Absolutely wonderful! A real joy to read and reread! Blessings!
A well told tale! Enjoyed this very much - and could just picture little George's face when he saw his mother. Sniff...

Oh, what a delight! I especially liked your ending, "Laying his head on her chest, he wound his dimpled fingers in her hair. Momma! At that point you allowed every reader to become that precious child. What a skillful writer you are!
Wow! This was good!
Very touching. And I agree - well written. Good job!
Well crafted. Wonderful story. A winner in my book!