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I like the feeling of comfort emanating from this entry. You seem to have a good knowledge of ranch life and the way of the west. Very interesting article with a song to give it something entra.
Very atmospheric--I felt as if I were there. And the poem / song is an added bonus, and testament to your writing prowess. (By the way, if you mean a motherless calf, the spelling is dogie. Otherwise you're talking about Fido.)
I meant to add that I absolutely loved your last paragraph.
I agree...this was a very atmospheric piece. I, too, felt as though I was there. Good job!
Well done on transporting the reader into your story and setting. I assumed the song was a ranch-song - good work if it's your own. Liked the way you refered to his single state: "told many a young lady that he couldn’t be cooped up in a cabin." God Bless.

I enjoyed this! I liked getting a little bit of a different style than the usuall challenge entry. :-)
I liked this peaceful, gentle story. The doggy in the song I thought was about the coyote, which would be a threat to the calves perhaps. Good writing, kept my interest all the way through. Thanks!
Enjoyed the relaxed flow and easy pace of this - and the awesome description! Not to mention the relationship between the man and his horse....very special. :-)

After having two very wearisome days this week-end, I've had the sheer joy of reading your entry, dub. So soothing to the soul, it's a beautiful gem that sparkles quietly but oh, so, brilliantly!