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Wonderful messages and scriptures throughout this piece. Thanks.

God bless~
Thanks for sharing your creative story! I enjoyed engaging in your thoughtful piece. Just a couple suggestions: In the first sentence I would change 'he has to provide' to 'he had to provide' in order to keep the tense compatible within the sentence structure. I also stumbled a bit on this sentence: "At times, he couldnt help, but wonder whether he was deluding himself to think when things go well that God has blessed him and his family, and when things are falling apart that God has a lesson to teach." Perhaps if you were to re-word this it would make an important part of your emphasis more clear to the reader, as when you bring out the same truth later on.
For instance you might say, "At times I was tempted to think when things were going well, that only then was the Lord blessing me, and when things were going bad, I must be being judged."
You may have used fictional names but this seemed like a contemporary teaching devotional.

There is a good quantity of true, valid teaching in this article we can apply to our lives.

With what you provided we must also remember that James 1:2-18 if for all of us.

Good thoughts. Keep writing.