The Official Writing Challenge
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So true. I can relate so much to this it's not funny (thus I haven't done a challenge entry in a couple of weeks).
All these ideas... all this procrastination!
You hit the nail on the head.
It'll be so cool if this gets into the editors choice.
It just might, you know... ;)
Oh this was hilarious! I started off thinking that it was a somewhat cute idea. But with each paragraph it got funnier and funnier as all those different ideas piled up. SOOOOOO funny!!!!
Now why in the world didn't I think of this?!!!! Oh, and I know who wrote this. :-D
Clever, ingenious and a riot! I'm sure you looked at my scribble pad. What a great way to turn writing ideas into a useful, enjoyable piece.
ROFL!! that was awesome!
Loved it. You came up with more ideas than I did, and you actually turned something in. My best idea only developed into a title: The Holly and Ivy. (Note--I didn't actually write anything for the challenge, so this is NOT a hint. :))
ROFL2! Hilarious! An FW masterpiece! Haha!
Very cute and creative writing!!:)) Loved it!!
And I thought I was stymied!! You take the cake! So many wonderful ideas floating around "up there"..but nothing coming out down here! Oh, so true, so witty, and so professional! Loved it!
You have a wonderful sense of humor! Well done!
What a big sigh of relief! And what fun to read! The heart of the matter huh? Loved it!
Yup, this pretty much describes the effort sometimes to come with an idea for a challenge topic! Any one of those could be developed, couldn't they? Good job!
Clever! I really enjoyed this! Very entertaining!
You have captured the universal delimma of writers with humor and honest confession. What a combination. Very well done. :0)
Congrats, Sally, on your well-deserved placing! This was too funny - a unique and clever take on topic.
Blessings, Lynda
Now I know why I envy bonifide writers ... new ideas flow, daily ... while I wake every morn to pages still remaining blank. Wonderful article. I could see it all. Congratulations many times over.
What a lot of excellent ideas, all very creative, and a fun way of tying them in together! And congratulations on your win!
Wow! Way to guess it.
How did I know?

They made a good choice though. Perfect addition.

(hmmm... maybe I should be a judge...)
Funny, yes, but this line: "writers can have the greatest ideas in the world, but they are a fat lot of use to anyone, including God, if the writers dont take the time to fulfill the assignments given them." is inspirational. Congrats!