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Very powerful message, well put.
I love how you personalized this message so very well.
Excellent writing.
You did a marvelous job describing why we are redeemed through your own experiment with grace.
It took one sentence to sum up what I struggled with using 750 words:
"Because we are his, he guides our lives through his grace, to make us worthy of fellowship with him."
Excellentjob with the topic. Thank you for sharing this introspective piece with an important and profound message.

God bless~
Such a great job you did here of illustrating, through an everyday type of frustration that we have all experienced at one time or another, how God views us as his treasure. It is very hard, sometimes, as seeing someone who annoys us as a "treasure", but that's just what they are to God. It's very hard to see ourselves that way, as well, through all our faults, but we are.

Great job of simplifying the message and delivering it wrapped up in a nice bow.

Excellent message using a free massage to highlight our responses to our fellow mankind. It's not always easy to grant others grace, but when we focus on God's mercy toward us, it offers a greater initiative to love as He does.

I want to echo Joe's comments here as well. So I'll take the short route and say, "AMEN".

Excellent piece.

God bless~
This brought tears to my eyes. I love all of your stories and so enjoy watching you blossom into an extraordinary writer. I have the habit of walking at night and look up at the skies and focus on a plane. Next, I proceed to pray for those on the plane. I'm sure someone is travelling for business or to say hello or goodbye to a family member, or going on vacation. Thanks to your story, I'll include the little ones kicking seats and the person sitting in that seat. Who knows perhaps when you were flying recently, you were one of the people I was praying for. Thank you for this stunning message. Congratulations on your first place ribbon and for ranking 13 overall.
Congrats on your win.
I so enjoyed your article on love and grace. Very well done.