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Clever and well done!

God bless~
This is a cute little tale. I can just see the animals sleeping and having fun. Love the rhyming and flow of the poem. Well done! Blessings, Lavonne
That made me laugh!! How clever.

There were a couple of places where I felt a little bit mixed up in the rhyming rhythm. But, and a significant but, it still worked for me, because it somehow lent the piece a sassy cheekiness that I found really fun.
What a delightful tale. I bounced along on the rhythm and rhymes all the way to the fairy tale ending. Love it.
Very imaginative and descriptive, with a lot of fun packed into a bouncing rhythm. Great work.
Tickles my tongue to read, really fun! Thank you!
Clever story poem!
I'm blessed by catching up on entries I missed, and this one certainly fills the bill. Not familiar with the works you cited, so I'll have to catch up there as well. But I thoroughly enjoyed your rhymes, and the whimsical tale of cat and dog.
This is wonderful. You really captured the essence of Fields' pieces, evoking his voice in throughout your poem without plagiarizing his work. Tricky to do.

I love the line about "ought not to trust the declarations of things gathering dust" (or something like that - I'm quoting from memory).

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite writers to read every week. Your knack for phrasing and unique perspective make everything you write fascinating.

Awesome job!
Wow! A wonderful delight in whimsy and memories!
This is a poem even I can enjoy and I did.

Creativity at its best. Wonderfully written, delightful to read. Great job.