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I liked the story, but I don't quite get the last paragraph. I think the last message would've made a very strong ending on its own. Great writing style, though.
I agree, the ending was confusing, but I loved how you came back to the message. Very touching story also. Thank you for sharing!
Fasinating story. I liked it!
I like the ending because it shows that the words to Nancy made a difference and helped her to get back on with life - to at least take the first step out the front door, even if she doesn't feel ready to meet people yet.

This was really touching. The vine theme all through was good too - in the front yard, in the lapel of the coat, like love wrapping itself around your heart.

Well done!
Very nice; I don't know how I missed this one before! (I see I'm not the only one who wrote in a Cockney accent this week).

This is very good--you packed a lot into this sparse word count. I always enjoy reading about the softening of a heart. Lovely.
What a great and clever story. You held my attention all the way through. Very nice.
I loved the story, but I don't understand the Title; nor is the ending clear. Perhaps she was on her way over to Rick's to forgive him? That's what I surmised; maybe I'm dense. But I loved the idea, the whole concept. God has blessed you with talent.
I enjoyed this piece. As Suz has said the vine weaving throughout the story and their lives was masterful. I gathered from the last paragraph that her heart was softening but I expected her to go see Rick or her children or the grave - not go to the mall. Have I missed something? Or is it just that she's ready to get on with living? Beautifully written. Well done.
This was heart-wrenching. I'm literally crying, because I know the whole situation and it's so painful to see that it's what it takes sometimes to get through to people.
Wow. I haven't cried this much in... ok, a little while...
but not ususally from reading.
Awww.... Thanks.

And a note to Jan: COCKNEY?!! COCKNEY?!!
Oi! I'll have you know that Aussie's talk like that, mate! Never heard a cockney say the word "Everyfink"...

I'm upset, distraught and offended all in one (well the first two from the article) and even if this doesn't win it's taken a very special place in my heart.

Thank you SOOOO much. It's my most heartfelt thanks to you for writing this. :D
I read it again, and am crying AGAIN! Ohhhh... it's so sad!
What a delight to read such work! And the different levels of messages were woven together like the honeysuckle does to all in it's path. Glad I finally paid attention to your 'clue!' ;)
Another great entry this week, my first tear-jerker. I liked the ending BTW.
Very poingnant coming back to his message. I really liked the way the messages drove the story. :) Karen