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Clever and well written entry.
Thanks for sharing.
Oh...I loved this well written nostalgic and brilliant piece of writing. I loved your words in which the story lept to life, and I was nodding and smiling as I read. I miss the days of sitting with my grandmother sipping coffee or tea from dainty cups and saucers. I was only telling my mom that this morning and I grabbed a dish to place under her she'd have a place for her spoon and stevia!

Anyhow, this was captivting in every aspect, from the internal reflective dialogue, to the beautifully written poem.

I guess you can tell...I LOVED THIS!!! Excellent work, thank you for sharing with us.

God bless~
A great way of covering the topic. You have contrasted the elegance and nostalgia of cups and saucers well with the practicality of mugs etc. Well done.
I liked this, espeically the beginning.

I would caution you, however, in using someone else's poems or songs, even if you give credit. Technically, even if you give credit, using someone else's work in whole or in part without permission is in violation of copyright law. That's why the challenge rules say not to use any song lyrics unless the song is in the public domain. If it IS in the public domain, I would put "public domain" in the credits part, along with the author's name. I wouldn't worry about it too much this time, just something you might want to be aware of in the future.

I loved the beginning of this, and honestly thought it was pretty strong even without the poem.
Once again your word choice is amazing and makes your entry zing along.

I agree with Alison, while I like the poem I don't think it was necessary for your entry and I too worried about copyright.

You always write with powerful word combinations that even an ordinary game of bingo takes on new life.

Well done.
You have such a powerful way with words that I was sure "drinking from my saucer, cause my cup has overflowed" was yours! Ha, good entry though, nicely written.
I rarely read titles, but this one caught my eye and made me giggle. I could totally relate to the MC and her shaky hands. I'm not even 50, yet tremors harass me. You made me think of the one habit my daughter came home with after spending a semester in Ireland. She drinks tea now, but it has to be a certain type.

I liked your poem too. It felt disconnected from the other part, almost as if you had two distinct entries, but it still made me smile. I'm curious by your notes, maybe I'm misunderstanding them, but it seems if the poem is actually song lyrics. If so, be careful about using them unless you know for sure that said piece is in the public domain.

You did a nice job of tackling the topic. I smiled at your words several times and felt a warm feeling as if I'd been sipping on your tea. Good job.
Congratulations on ranking 7th in level 3! Happy Dance!
I came for the the title, but was captivated by your MC. I kept picturing Mom, who depended on the saucer to steady the shaking cup and to hold her teabag. (And she drank from the saucer, too.)