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Lots of interesting imagery going on here and theological implications as well. I actually believe the Word of God unlocks our chained hearts creating the humility we could never find in ourselves. Thanks for sharing your views in this creative form.
Very moving and interesting, filled to the brim with emotion. You really know how to unlock the lock.
Your choice of words is excellent. A true painting with words and it made for a captivating read.
Well done.
Your descriptions, especially the one of the statue are masterfully done.
This is an interesting piece. You do a nice job of describing the statue and then the feelings of your heart. This is a compelling testimony with some great Bible references.
You did it again. I had to look up one of your words. I didn't have a clue that Phrenology existed.
You leave me or of breath dear lady. In a good way! My brain needs the workout.
Very interesting, intense descriptions and probing questions.

What desires will we choose above God?
Congratulations Judith!

I don't know how I missed reading this. I go through all of the entries, I must have been interrupted and forgot my place!

In any case, excellent work.
Great writing.

God bless~
Congrats and blessings.