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Very informative and interesting material.
Great job with the topic in this insightful piece with an important message throughout.

God bless~
This article really began to "lock" in for me with the sentence "The Word of God is where we find knowledge and wisdom and truth." This seems to me to be the real thesis of your argument and would make an excellent introduction into your article. All the info before hand is good observation and opinion - but this statement really allows your reader to see where you are headed with the article. Consider shortening your article by starting it at this point, and using the other material for another interesting article. This is just my suggestion - you can take it or leave it. You are a good writer. I have noticed from my own writing, and reading other new writers that the good stuff begins to appear in the middle of an article when the writer's thoughts began to really crystallize and form a cohesive direction.
This is an interesting essay. You make some great valid points and made me think about things in a different light, which is always a good thing for an author to do.

For me personally, the overuse of capital letters was a tad bit distracting. Things like Bible and God's Word should be capped, but others like key of knowledge, name, and pulpits make me feel like slightly distracted. You use some excellent word pictures, let the words make your point, not the punctuation or capitalization.

You did a nice job of tackling the topic. I could easily see this expanded into a sermon I might hear at church. You did a nice job of finding the right Bible verses and explaining them to reinforce your message. Your ending was nice, too, bringing the article full circle. Nice job.