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God bless~
Marvelous story from God's Word that you have used to show us pros and cons.

Well written.
I agree with the above comments. This is a superb and clearly defined way to get the message across. Good use of the topic too.
Great job with retelling this famous story from Acts. It really does make one wonder, doesn't it, how Ananias and Sapphira could not see that the consequences of such a lie would be catastrophic?

I love how you switched perspective to show that they were both on the same page and how you left us needing to go read the story again to refresh for ourselves how it all played out.

Great, great job!
Creative, fresh profile of first-century deceit. Excellent work.
I agree, a good, feeding read.It's a great witness too.
I like the fact that you manage to keep your articles fairly short and to the point. I personally seem to need every last word in the 750 word limit, in order to make my point, so I admire short articles that leave you with the feeling your house of faith got another solid brick.
Totally unique way to present this topic. Way to go!