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Smiling! Enjoyed this fun moving brilliant entry.

WEll done.

God bless~
I don't often comment on poems, but this one is so well written and humorous and I actually get the meaning.

This is one of my favorites so far this week.

Started reading this and just couldn't stop until the end. Very humorous.
This was fun to read, and you certainly captured the consequences of becoming attached to farm animals. My grandfather raised chickens and always warned me to never let him catch me becoming attached.

I loved how you painted us such a vivid picture of a farm being overrun by chickens who had become pets. I guess you couldn't even bring yourself to collect the eggs? That would have helped some. :)

Great job!
Brilliant! My dad used to keep hens and I visualised every cluck and feather. Love your humour and your bright ideas. I've read some great entries this week and here's yet another.
Very descriptive and energetic fun read. Loved the title, too.
An excellent entry that told an excellent story with a great touch of humor.

For me, I would have found it a little easier to read had you tightened it up a little and kept the beat a little more consistent. for example:

Life in the country is pleasant, you bet
Then my new bride said our needs were not met.
Bring me chickens and I'll love you forever.
I speedily ran to the chicken seller. (a beat of 10,10,11,11)

That being said, I could not stop reading from beginning to end. even if I struggled with the rhythm, I had to keep reading. That's the hook of a good writer.
You drew vivid word pictures in this fun tale.

It flowed smoothly to its
con clusion.

Well done.
Hahaha. Having grown up on a chicken farm....

'This was too serious! It was way out of hand!
This chicken obsession had never been planned.'

Keep Winging His Words and fulfilling your dreams!

God bless~
I've so proud for you. I like this one a lot.
It doesn't surprise me to see your piece in EC again. Congratulations, you really made me chuckle.