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I enjoyed reading that. I liked the lush words you used. Dubious, rescinded, etc. I found your sentences complex enough to engage my mind without being too complicated.

A teensy bit of red ink--I might say something like "The king rejoiced when he heard of my husband's death", rather than "when he heard of his death", avoiding a possible confusion of pronouns. But it isn't anything major.

I enjoy reading retellings of Bible stories. Yay for this one!
Very good telling of the story of Abigail and David, although, when I read the biblical text, I get a definite undercurrent of conspiracy and betrayal between the two against the husband, Nabal.

There is no doubt Nabal was a fool and a glutton, but there is also a hint of Abigail and David's motives not being so pure either (a far too common occurrence in David's life).

I loved how you presented us the story, never revealed the identity of any of the main characters, letting us see the story unfold in a fresh way. Great job and excellently written!
Interesting entry. I would have liked to see a bit more mystery.
Excellent retelling of the Bible story.
Your insights on what it must have been like to live with such a churlish creature as Nabal bring the whole story to life. Well done.
Beautifully said in content and delivery. Well done.

God bless~
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