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I totally enjoyed this. You created a lighthearted mood and it really set the tone. I know many people can relate to the evil beep as well.

You had some tense issues that distracted me slightly. When remembering your childhood, you should use the past perfect because you're going further back in the past then what the other story is set in. Then I noticed you drifting from simple past to present. Tense can be a difficult thing to master, especially when telling true stories.

I think you did a splendid job with your message. You showed how marriage requires, no demands compromise, and you did so without being preachy. I felt like I was having a chat with a good friend. I also liked how you demonstrated a solution to feeling like you were wasting time. I struggle with that guilt, but wasn't quite sure what it was about until I read this, so you really helped me with this delightful story.
This is a warm and friendly story told like a loving wife would tell it.

I am not a morning person either, but my sweet hubby of 48 years is. We have to work on making this a non issue even now.

Thanks for your insight and your story.
True, insomnia is a problem, but it's not worth losing any sleep over it... ;-)
Thanks for such a natural profile of your memories and your relationship. Well done.
Ugg! Typos! That's what I get for writing/proofing/entering, all just after the Evil Beep time lol.
I can so relate to this one. My alarm clock drives me crazy, and like your husband, I let it go off every few minutes and climb back in bed.

I enjoyed. If your marriage has survived the evil beep, it can survive anything! LOl

A few typos, as Shann mentioned, but all in all, a funny and interesting read!
That was funny! I LOVED your title, and the ending. I can soooo relate to wanting to kill the Evil Beep.
Well, I think one thing you can take from the comments is that we ALL relate. :)

My wife is like your husband, needing to set her alarm so that it goes off every 10 minutes for an hour...but I think she loses count and I always have to tell her when the time for snoozing is up - which is no problem because I've been laying awake for an hour anyway. :)

Unfortunately, we both need The Evil Beep, but it is much harder for her than for me, and you made me realize, just a little bit clearer today, how that is a form of sacrifice.

Typos? I'm a nit-picker when it comes to them, but your story flowed so well and was so easy to read, that I didn't even take notice. So I say "awesome job!" :)
The evil beep - very accurate description of an alarm clock.

Personally, I would rather have a IV drip of caffeine that begins approximately 45 minutes before I need to get up.
Nicely written peek into your world. You are a saint of a wife.
Insomnia makes me a grouch most times if woken those last precious moments before the day begins.
I enjoyed the glimpse into your evil beep situation. I like how you managed to work things out.
Great how you learned to enjoy that spare time and make use of it. Great entry.
Great story. I used to hate that evil beep. I have been retired for 4 yrs. so I don't hear it much anymore. Now I enjoy waking at 5am to pray and read my Bible.
Beautiful story, told with humor and love. Great writing and well done.

I tend to think of what you refer to as the "evil beep" as a lovely call of "life" as another day dawns.

My husband hits the snooze button three times before shutting it down. LOL.

I loved your entry.

God bless~