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Powerful message in this well written piece!

God bless~
You grabbed my attention with your outstanding hook. And then turned your silly game into a lesson on life. Great Job.

It especially hit home for me. My life these past few months have been life changing decision making events.

You have validated my need for constant prayer, study and meditation about these decisions.

You will score high from the judges on this one. You did well on all points.
This is interesting and well written. Left side, right side, will probably take you anywhere except the place you want to go, but then again, as a game it could be fun!

A most powerful and sincere message. Blessings....
I love this! Imaginative, delightful!
Well crafted with a great message.
I liked that. A good commentary on how a fast-paced, haphazard life can lead to disaster. Taking time to think, pray, weigh decisions, and process things is so important.

Nice job!
Great introduction and message in your well written devotional.
My take on the topic was similar, yet you expounded (very well) upon the idea—a whole lot more than I did. And I used a fictional tale.

Good use of topic (I'm biased). Your writing was good and crisp and flowed well.

My only constructive comments would be to perhaps delve a bit more into the game of left-right, focusing on one the outcome of one game in particular, showing yourself getting lost and the feelings/sensations/results that came with it. Maybe you ended up lost and stuck in the mud, or on a mean neighbor's property, chased off by a bull. Give us a visual of the road and surrounding country.
Hope that helps in some way. Keep up the great work. You have what it takes!
Great title and use of a personal memory to guide this devotional. Well written, and interesting, with sage advise.
Great job using an example of a game played as a teenager. Sounds like you and your friends had fun exploring your areas. I agree that it would be beneficial to have at least one solid example of what happened during one particular game.
The one red ink comment I have is from the second paragraph first sentence. Does it fit better to use "most roads" instead of "the majority of roads"? Just a thought.
Great job!
Great message, great writing. Congratulations on ranking 2nd place.
Congratulations on ranking 2nd in your level and 20 overall! The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.

God bless~
Great writing - I enjoyed this entry very much. It touched my heart. Congratulations.