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Good job with this piece that tells truths along with a whimsical dusting to make you smile.

God bless
To be so funny, yet so prophetic of life's directional choices, was a work of art.

Great job.

Truly enjoyed this. And I always leave the comment that poetry isn't my thing.

You messed that up. I loved it.
Very funny and very true.
Your lines seem to comes so naturally to you and flow well. I'm still not too hot with poetry, but reading pieces like this helps me understand the art a little better.

Thank you and God Bless!
Oh my, you do have a way with the humorous words, rhythm, and rhyme. I found this delightful and it tickled me to pieces. Talk about someone deserving Masters.

I have always found your style of writing to be genius, and this is no exception. Excellent work, poet.
That was fun! I liked how it read sort of haphazardly at first, and then began to smooth out, as you described how God helps us to move past confusion.
Cleverly cool use of the topic.
You are a colorful wordsmith my dear.
I would recognise your style anywhere. It's uniquely you and I love it. One day I would like to take a walk inside your head and see just where these erm... unusual thoughts are manufactured. Ha! Don't ever change will you.