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This is so inspiring and has lifted my heart again to the wonderful hope He gives us. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing.
I enjoyed the progression of your story and was smiling when the two ("Samaritans")that helped her up earlier gave her a thumbs up when she continued. Great title, too!
Loved the story. Especially this description: In an instant, eyes bugging, arms flailing, grasping for nothing but wind; I fly through the airand not with the greatest of ease. It was a sight to be seen; a cross between running for the long jump, a gymnasts vault and sliding into home base face first.

As a person who has difficulty keeping her feet under her, I can so relate!
This is one of my favorites! Wonderful descriptions . . .
Oh my gosh! This made me laugh and inspired me at the same time. Your comic timing is perfect, as well as your self-deprecating humor.

This line made me laugh out loud, and caught me completely off-guard: I want my mommy. Hormones.

This was just awesome! Some formatting would have helped the read - a little white space between paragraphs. And as to your difficulty in using italics that you mentioned in the forums, if you can't get it to come out using formatting from your software, then you can always use the html code. Just type "" before the start of the area you want to italicize and "" at the end.

Great job!
lol..shows how much I know about html. I thought the quotes would prevent the italicizing. That's an "I" with the less-than bracket in front and the greater-than bracket behind, to start the italics and the same thing to end it, but put a forward slash in front of the "I". Practice it a few times first though, or you may end up with an entire entry italicized. :)
This was a fine story that will no doubt inspire all that read it. A gutsy tale for a gutsy MC that through internal dialogue goes forth in superb fashion.

An adorable ending, fine message, and beautiful scritpure to conclude this heart warming entry.

Well done.

God bless~
Brilliant. I'm so glad you toughed it out and bounced back.

My small red ink is to encourage you to learn how to format your entry. Judges are advised not to make too big an issue on formatting, it isn't always easy to get it right, but it does make a huge difference.

is the code you type in front of the letters you want in italics... closes the italics.

But your story was well told and a powerful testimony.

My instructions for italics didn't show, it just worked. Let me try again.

First hit this key < then type lower case i and then close with >. Then the text you want in italics. After the text type < then / then lower case i and close with>

Hope this works. Blessings.
A great story and right on the topic. It was easy to empathize with your MC. I agree that the spacing and italics would have made it better but, with all the good advice above, I'm sure that won't be a problem next time. Well done.