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My heart goes out to those in chronic pain. I've seen the daily struggle from family members who fight through it. I love your creativity with the poem you interspersed. Thank you for your challenging
As a fellow chronic pain sufferer, I can totally identify with this well written article. I really enjoyed seeing the hidden message revealed at the very end. That was awesome!
This made me think about the song 'All The Days That End in Why' by Jeff and Sheri Easter. One line is 'Tell me why, why do we have to hurt..'

May God bless you by continuing to show you His purpose in your pain.
The title suggests you were drowning in self-pity, but the story tells about your ability to look beyond the pain and still see Jesus. Still notice a beautiful day.

Personally, I just dont believe that sickness and suffering comes from God. During His earthly walk, Jesus did what He saw the Father do. Did He make people ill?

Unfortunately, although spiritually were citizens of the heavenly Kingdom where suffering doesnt exist, physically were still trudging through a fallen world, full of diseases and disasters. But Jesus is walking here with us and can make us look at our suffering with different eyes. Your wonderful story witnesses of His love despite your pain, and I greatly admire you for that.

I pray for your miraculous healing.
The ultimate "reading between the lines". This piece was so good, that I actually went back re-read the positive lines before I got to the end, and thought to myself that they made up a beautiful poem on their own. Then I read your ending and it was just perfect.

So many of us go through this type of pain, but if we will just read between the lines, we may see that God has still placed a beautiful poem in the midst of our struggle.

Without proclaiming your purpose, you showed it to us nonetheless.

Great, great job!
As a fellow pain sufferer, I can relate to this very article. I have a small tumor on my sciatic nerve, and those feelers are everywhere. I used to feel sorry for myself, until a fellow Faithwriter reminded me that when we suffer, we suffer for Christ, just as He suffered for us. Now I embrace the pain and Christ takes it, once again, for me.

This is excellent writing, as your articles always are, and I felt your pain and the Glory.

BLessings, Lynn
Amazing, moving, touching, inspiring. Excellent writing...thank you!

God bless~
You did a wonderful job of revealing the battle you go through. The constant ebb and flow of one moment being overwhelmed by the pains of body and life, and the next standing in awe of a wondrous God who still remains Sovereign.

Your ability to bring the struggle so clearly is amazing and once again I respect your honesty and transparency.

Wow, i feel it in your writing here, brings me back to months of agony...I can so relate with chronic pain! You penned it so well! Just perfect descriptive writing of experiences that many sufferers can relate to. And the beauty of our Lord's grace to bear it!