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I obviously missed the first part of the story, 'cause I'm not sure what's going on here, but I really love the craftsmanship of your writing. "the mind rarely allows you to play the truth card in such situations"...brilliant!
I'm sorry - you lost me! No vines, no..ah, ah, guess I'm missing something here. Perhaps I should pass. Sorry.
“we two are so similar and fortunate, like a couple of vines growing from different directions, but destined to be intertwined due to circumstance.”

Lovely metaphor.
Either you've been hiding in other levels or...I've missed parts of the story. Would love to see it all strung together.
I read through this piece a couple times. It is an excellent introduction to your writing - are you new to Faithwriters? New style for you?

This piece has a very sanquine feel to it that can cause disconnect with other personalities who perhaps view God in a different ways other than "papa". Be careful with rambling and interjecting add-in thoughts as it distracts. =) Look forward to reading more from you as you have an elegance with phrasing that many lack.
Hi. Just a quick note about the title of your entry. The Challenge has to be anonymous during the judging period, so that there can be no bias at all. So with your entries always having the same title, it's a bit of a giveaway.

Also, the other problem is that continuation pieces just don't work for the Challenge. If you are using it as a way to write something for your own purposes, that's fine. But if you are entering with the hope of placing, then it possible won't happen. You are an extremely good writer, and if these hadn't been continued stories, you probably would have placed by now.

Anyway, please keep entering, but change the title and try to make each entry a story that every new reader would understand from start to finish.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
I'm going to have to read the preceding chapters of this obviously longer work. A journal of sorts, it contains great insights and phrases: "It is funny how the mind, with all of its wild imaginations, cannot piece together the fabric of time that is laid before us," "like Gods fingers were raking the earth," "Imagination, the mind rarely allows you to play the truth card in such situations," "Circumstances often bring people together, but rarely are the people keen enough to realize why". Just a few that I particularly liked. Thank you!