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Great story! This had me smiling and I'm walking away with a great feeling!

Loved it.
GOd bless~
I loved your smooth transitions. It had a wonderful flow and so charming in every way. I could read this again and again. Great Job!
Really nice story. All that worry for nothing, and a happy ending all round.
This is a sweet story. I liked your characters. I was wondering what was so different about Tony that you worried so that the family wouldn't accept him. Then I realized it was just nerves of wanting those you love to accept the new man in your life. I so understand the importance of family approval. I noticed sometimes you capitalized the G in Grandma and sometimes not. When it is being used as a substitute for a name, cap it. Otherwise, it's a common noun and should be lower case. The way to tell (other than subbing a name--you wouldn't say your Annie) is if it has an article or pronoun (a, the, my, your, his, her) then it should be lower case. I loved your title. It made the story name stand out for me because lol meant lil ol' lady long before laugh out loud. I also liked that your story shows how we worry and fret and all along, God knows the solution. Congratulations on ranking 6th in your level! The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.