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Thirty years ago, an English composition teacher refused to allow any of her students to write science fiction as an assignment. Her reasoning was that writing good science fiction required scientific research to determine future trends that could be used in the story.
Forget her! You pulled this off well! Very imaginative and original! Constructive (I hope) comments: I think you intended to use the words 'exhorting' and peeked instead of 'extorting' and 'peaked'; some of your invented words did not stay the same throughout (was the planet Othon or Orthon? Was Chip delivering noggles or noogles?); and perhaps break the first sentence in the first paragraph into one or two varying length paragraphs. Some intriguing thoughts to carry into a further story: Is Chip carrying a burden of youthful indiscretion that caused the death of someone? Will he return to Orthon/Othon? Will his interest in Marilia blossom or will there be obstacles to overcome? Good science fiction! P.S.Was there a subtle pun intended with the use of the word Orthon (a common weed-killer)?
Wow wow wow wow wow!
You must be one of the two masters of Sci Fi (or the third one that could suprise me) that I know are in Advanced.
And if so, your imagination is brimming so full you're literally overflowing. Ideas like this which would make great screenplays (hint, hint) are a dime a dozen for you, but this is AWESOME! A Christian planet in a Sci Fi book. Sooooo cool!
Ohhhh... can we make it into a movie? PLEASE!
I don't enjoy sci-fi at all, so this story didn't really do it for me. It got better once I got past all the description and into the dialogue. Interesting concept!
Very creative and well-written! Good job.
I'm with Anita Newsom; Sci Fiction is not my cup of tea; perhaps that explains why I read Christian magazines instead. Thus, I am just wasting space here...sorry. But Sci Fiction IS a big seller these days - so I wish you well!
I like it--it reads more like a send-up of sci-fi than the real thing, especially the first half. And the second half has some nice character development. Loads of fun!
I enjoyed this! Hate that word limit! Would have liked to have known more!
Facinating story. I got a little bogged down with so many new words, though. :-)
Quite a fun read :) It's hard to develop a scifi universe in so few words, but you gave us a taste :)
dub, you're a master at always making your reader want to hear more!
I enjoyed reading this, especially from you! As there was so much detail at the beginning, I think I would have preferred it scattered throughout the story rather than have it in one block.
Dub! I always thought you were a poet! :P
Shows what I know... :(

Comments aside, hope this has a further manuscript pending. Cause it's a great read!