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I enjoyed this take on the topic. You did a fine job of showing how talking and rumors can grow like a weed in one's heart. The only red ink I'd offer is this line:. If the original tale were not true,
needs the noun and verbs to match. Either tale was or tales were.
IIt's a tiny thing, though, and didn't impact the beautiful message in this piece. Your ending was just what I was hoping for, and actually what I was praying for on behalf of all who listen to dark rumors from time to time (including myself). Thank you for blessing me.
So beautiful and poetic in its structure and meaning.

Well done. I loved it.

God bless~
Words can really influence the listener and the more you hear something is the greater the effect on you. I like the way you presented this idea to the reader and I like the way you overcame the doubts and uncertainties about our Lord and Saviour. With reference to your "If the original tale were true", you are grammatically correct in that the subjunctive is implied here, although no longer taught in schools and can be even found in the Bible. Expressions like 'if it were not so, I would etc.' come to mind.
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