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This is a very well-written story with a lovely, romantic ending. I really enjoyed reading it. Well done!
Praise God for the Miss Kays in our lives. A lovely story this, you made the characters and their heart desires very real as well as teaching an important lesson.
This is a charming story, and a familiar one for so many who crave stardom, yet don't realize that they are already stars in the eyes of God. For me personally, in the beginning, it felt like there was too much description that slowed down the pacing of your story. This is an individual thing, and I'm sure many loved the descriptions. I'd have liked to know and feel the conflict in the first couple of paragraphs. You did develop your characters nicely and I wish everyone had a Miss Kay watching over and praying for them. Your ending was perfect. I loved it and do believe God shows us signs like that. Great job.
LOVED it! My kind of happy ones.

God bless~
Your ending was brilliant and, I'm a romantic at heart, a lovely sign of the happiness to come.

Some of your wording threw me. here's two examples: 'and a wooden sign hanging read'. Just seemed awkward to me and would be better as 'and a hanging wooden sign that read...' And: 'We were worked in the same high school.' 'We worked...' or 'We were working...'

A closer proof read before submission would resolve these things because it is clear you are a very talented writer.

The MC's struggle with being a part of it all also revealed much about her real character and calling in life.

This is good. I love the story.

I agree with Shann, that the descriptions slowed down the pace. In a novel, I think, you have more room for this type of description. But for the challenge, when you only have 750 words, it's best to save those words to develop the story further.

Great job, though, and I'm glad she said "yes." :)